Etree Fruits

We provide fresh and quality fruits to retails and most of the convenient stores where people can reach easily to access healthy lifestyle.

Currently we're supplying,

a. Guava

b. Jackfruit (Nangka)

c. Dragon Fruit

d. Honey Dew

e. Papaya

f. Watermelon

g. Pomegranate Juice (NEW !!)

h. and more to explore...






On top of selling pre-packed fruits, we are proud to share that, we do provide freshly opened fruits on the spot, in the store. We believe that, nothing is fresher than the fruit comes from its ‘home’.


You're always welcome to visit our store below,

Jusco, Bandar Utama

Jusco, Metro Prima Kepong

Jusco, Seremban 2

Sogo Kuala Lumpur

We like to explore new markets and get to know new friends. If you wish to place order for fruits, or there are business opportunities we can work together, do contact us ASAP, as we cant wait to meet you and serve you at our best!